What Are the Perfect Sunglass Shapes for Broad Foreheads and Workplace Chic?

Discovering the perfect eyeglasses or sunglasses for your face shape can seem like a tricky task. But, with a little understanding of your face’s unique features, you’ll find frames that enhance your best assets. Today, let’s focus on broad foreheads and how to choose glasses that compliment your facial structure while also keeping in line with the latest in workplace fashion. Whether you’re seeking a new pair of prescription frames or stylish sunglasses, the tips in this article will guide you.

Knowing Your Face Shape

Your face shape is the ultimate guide when selecting eyewear. The aim is to balance your features by selecting frames that contrast with your natural shape. For women with a broad forehead, the lower part of the face narrows, creating a heart or oval shape.

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Heart-shaped faces generally have a wider forehead and cheekbones with a narrow chin. The best glasses for this face shape are ones with wider bottoms, lighter colors, or frameless styles, as they balance out your proportions. Classic cat-eye glasses could be a good choice, as they accentuate the lower part of your face and bring balance to your broader forehead.

Oval-shaped faces are characterized by balanced features and a slight taper towards the chin. If you have an oval face, most glasses shapes will suit you. It’s more about what style you prefer and what fits with your personality. Round or square frames, aviator styles, or bold, oversized frames all work well on an oval face.

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Best Frames for Broad Foreheads

If you have a broad forehead, there are certain frame styles that will suit your face particularly well. Here are some of the best types of glasses to consider.

Cat-eye frames – As mentioned above, cat-eye glasses are an excellent choice for heart-shaped faces with broad foreheads. The upswept frame design draws attention downward, helping to balance out your face’s top-heavy proportions.

Round glasses – Round frames are a classic choice that can soften the angles of your face and bring balance to a broad forehead. They can be particularly flattering on women with angular or square faces.

Wayfarer-style glasses – This classic style is characterized by a wider top and narrow bottom, making it a good match for those with broad foreheads. The horizontal line of the frame’s top can balance out the vertical line of a long face.

Oversized frames – If you’re looking to make a statement, oversized frames can be a great choice. They balance out a large forehead and draw attention to the eyes.

Dealing With Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses offer a two-in-one solution for vision correction and sun protection. But it can be challenging to choose the right frames, especially if you have a broad forehead.

When choosing prescription sunglasses, ensure they fit comfortably and provide enough coverage to protect your eyes from all angles. Polycarbonate lenses are a good choice for safety as they are resistant to impact.

Consider the frame’s shape and size. Remember, the top of the frame should follow the line of your eyebrows and avoid significantly covering them. Furthermore, the frame’s bottom should not rest on your cheeks, even when you smile.

Workplace Chic: Combining Style with Functionality

In the workplace, your glasses serve as more than just a vision aid. They are an extension of your personality, a tool to project your image, and a key accessory that can elevate your style.

When choosing glasses for work, functionality should be top priority. But style and fashion shouldn’t be compromised. The frames should complement your professional wardrobe and be in harmony with the shape of your face.

Classic styles like cat-eye frames for women can add a chic touch to your everyday office wear. Round glasses can create a stylish retro look, while square frames project a more professional image.

The most important thing is that your glasses should represent you. They should be something that you love to wear and make you feel confident about your appearance. It’s about finding the right balance between style, comfort, safety, and functionality.

Sunglasses for Broad Foreheads: Final Thoughts

Choosing the right eyeglasses or sunglasses for your face shape and style preferences can be a fun and empowering experience. You can experiment with different shapes, styles, and designs to see what works best for you. The key is to find a balance between your face shape, personal style, and the requirements of your workplace.

Seasonal Trends and Styles: What to Wear

As the seasons change from March to February or August to July, so do fashion trends. Whether you’re transitioning from November to December or April to June, your sunglasses selection can be a key part of your seasonal style. Remember, your face shape should always be a key consideration when choosing your frames. Women with broad foreheads would do well to keep the aforementioned styles in mind throughout the year.

During the sunny summer months of June, July, and August, oversized frames and cat-eye styles can make a stylish statement while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. In the cooler months from September to February, smaller frames might be more practical. Round glasses or wayfarer styles can provide a chic touch to your winter attire, while still suiting those with broad foreheads.

No matter the season, it’s important to keep in mind the harmony between your face shape and your glasses. Whether you have a heart-shaped or oval face, there’s a pair of glasses out there that can complement your features and help you feel confident. So, remember to keep your face shape in mind as you transition from January to December and every month in between.

Safety Glasses: A Necessary Style

Workplace safety is paramount, and it’s possible to combine safety with style when selecting your eyewear. Specifically designed safety glasses can be a critical component of your protective gear. But who says they can’t be fashionable?

For women with broad foreheads, safety glasses with a stylish edge can be found in various shapes and sizes. Consider a round face or square frame design for a bold, professional look that doesn’t compromise on safety.

When picking out your safety glasses, remember to check the protection they offer. They should protect from front and side impacts, and the lenses should be crafted from a strong material like polycarbonate.

It’s also essential to ensure your safety glasses fit properly. They should not rest on your cheeks but align with your eyebrow line. Look for designs with adjustable nose pads and temples for a more customized fit.

So, as you navigate through your work environment from February to January, March to November, or even April to December, remember that safety glasses are not just a safety requirement, but an opportunity to showcase your style and complement your face shape.


From heart-shaped to oval, understanding your face shape is the first step in selecting the perfect glasses. Whether you are in the market for everyday eyewear, chic styles for the office, or safety glasses, the process doesn’t have to be daunting.

By considering your unique features, you open up a world of possibilities. For women with a broad forehead, frames such as cat-eye, round glasses, wayfarer style, or oversized options can help balance your face and enhance your best features.

Remember, your glasses are not just a vision aid but an extension of yourself. They represent your style, personality, and can even express the current season’s trend. As the months roll by, from January to December or June to April, your glasses should evolve with you, while always keeping your face shape in mind.

In the end, the most important thing is to find eyewear that makes you feel confident and comfortable. After all, the best accessory a woman can wear is confidence.