Top Secret: 5 Less-Known Sights of Orlando


Orlando, Florida, USA

The main reason why people go to Orlando is sensational entertainments in local theme parks. However, while resting in the city many travelers forget that Disney World and Universal Studios are not the only significant places in Orlando. The amazing sights of the city go far beyond the limits of the amusement parks and plunge deep into the heart of Orlando, opening up lesser-known attractions and activities for travelers from around the world. In order to enjoy another side of Orlando, check out the following activities. Maybe, they include interesting places you have never heard of, but nevertheless they should be visited for sure…

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center is a huge complex and the major American gateway to the universe. The space facility is located on Merritt Island, which is 45 miles away from Orlando city center, and is easy reachable by Nu car rental Orlando.

Came from the Kennedy Space Center !

While getting to its territory, you seem to be in the world of exact sciences and high technologies, enchanting and mysterious, exciting and incomprehensible world of dreams and romance. Kennedy Space Center serves both as the space station at Cape Canaveral, the cosmonaut training base, and a unique museum with a mass of fascinating programs for adults and children. It makes sense to spend the whole day in the center, because you have to learn about the history of space exploration and promising projects of NASA, to visit the hall of fame of astronauts and take a walk in the park of rockets. Also, you can feel like an astronaut due to IMAX super technology, walk around the spacecraft assembly building and stand on the legendary Launch Complex 39, where Apollos and Shuttles were launched to the space.

Address: Titusville SR, 405, FL

Admission: $50 adults, $40 children up to 11


Orlando Museum of Art


One of the main art museums of the city is Orlando Museum of Art, which gathered under its roof remarkable thematic collections, including not only paintings, but also various objects of folk art. For example, there are such collections as “African Art”, “American Art before and after 1945”, “Art of the Ancient Americas”, “Contemporary Graphics Collection”, etc. It’s worth noting that temporary exhibitions are held in the museum. Also, Orlando Museum of Art offers lessons of contemporary art for children, during which kids learn the basics of artistic skill.

Address: 2416 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL

Admission: $10 adults, $5 children 4-17


Cypress Gardens

Cypress Gardens Topiary

Located in Orlando’s neighborhoods, Cypress Gardens is the oldest tropical park in Florida. It was opened in 1936, and today it has turned into a real oasis with mini-gardens of different countries and eras, where more than 8 thousand varieties of plants live. The gardens and landscapes of this park provide a nostalgic mood. In the Wings of Wonder pavilion, you can see over 1000 butterflies of 55 species from around the globe. Cypress Gardens is also a garden of sculptures made of plants, as well as the center of various attractions. Sometimes, on the territory of the park flower festivals, ice and water skiing shows are held.

Address: 6000 Cypress Gardens Blvd, Winter Haven, FL

Admission: $5 adults, children 4-11 free of charge


Orlando Science Center


(photo by Orlando Science Center)

Among the scientific museums, Orlando Science Center is one of the most famous ones. You can explore there the ecosystem and nature of Florida, learn everything about light, sound and magnetic waves, replenish your astronomical knowledge. In addition, the museum provides a unique chance to feel like a meteorologist in the Severe Weather Center. Be sure to check the observatory to see the huge telescope, and don’t miss the opportunity to fly on the F1-11 and F-16 flight simulators.

Address: 777 E Princeton St, Orlando, FL

Admission: $20 adults, $14 children 3-11


Premium Outlets

If you just want to experience an unforgettable discount shopping, Premium Outlets in Orlando is what you need.

The well-known American outlet network Premium Outlets is the 1st place to go shopping in Orlando. You will find there a wide selection of goods – clothing and footwear of popular brands, household goods, jewelry and accessories. In Orlando, there are two Premium Outlets, but the biggest one is situated on International Drive.

Orlando Premium Outlets

(photo by jqueyquep)

After shopping in this wonderful place, you will feel a real nostalgia. This is because you won’t find another shopping spot to buy so many branded things of famous American brands for ridiculous money in Orlando. The standard price for jeans or shoes is $30-50. Such brands as Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Escada, Timberland, Ralph Lauren offers great discounts.

By the way, in Premium Outlets there are fast food stores (Food Court) and a good Italian restaurant. Some problems may occur with parking – at peak times it will be difficult to park far enough from the store.

Address: 4951 International Dr, Orlando, FL

Admission: free of charge


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